Creation of project


You can create project by using pet init command.

This leads to creating and files in which you can add all the commands that should be run every time you start or stop project.

Pet uses current directory name as projects name if one is not provided. You can provide one with use of -n flag:

pet init -n my_awesome_project

Create with templates

During creation you can specify which templates to use with -t flag. Templates contain files that are going to be integrated to your project.

Basically it accumulates and from every template to your new project.

To do that execute:

$ pet init -t first_template -t secound_template...
# or
$ pet init -t=first_template,secound_template...

After accumulating commands from given templates it passes editing to you with notes from which template which part of a code comes from.

Create in place

You can create project and store it’s files in .pet folder in project directory by using -i flag. This can be very useful if you want to share pet project with others by adding .pet folder to repository

$ pet init -i